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Renew Active Fitness

Our Seniors! Our Community! Our Job!

Whether indoors or outdoors, beginner or experienced, we have fitness classes fit for everyone. All RenewActive classes are led by our supportive instructors. #LiveStrongerLonger


Classes are covered by United Health Care. Typically if classes aren’t covered by a participants insurance Instructors usually charge $5.00 per class.

In this scenario you have two options. (1) you can pay for you classes (instructors usually charge $5.00 per class). (2) You have the option of changing insurance plans. There many reps you can talk to different plans about, just ask an instructor!

Senior Friendly Fitness is a group of Qualified/Professional SilverSneakers Instructors. We all came together under the name Senior Friendly Fitness to offer the seniors of our community access to professional fitness class and wellness programs.

If you are a holder of Humana Insurance than you automatically qualify for SilverSneakers classes at absolutely no charge to you! An added benefit is the Go365 Rewards Program by Humana that allows SilverSneakers participants the opportunity to earn redeemable points for doing exercise regularly! You literally get paid to work out!

*Members earn points for gift cards, there is no cash given to any class participants at any given time.

All SilverSneakers and Rewnew Active classes are paid for by participation of eligible members. Those members participation is recorded and instructors are paid for participation. The thing is not all participants are eligible. The only way to check eligibility is with First Name, Last Name and DOB. It is required.

The information instructors need from participants is First Name, Last Name, DOB. All Members are required to sign a Fitness Liability Waiver but other than that nothing else is required.

The maximum allowed amount of participants in a single class is (25) members per (1) instructor at a time. Class sizes may vary dependant on venue locations and capacity limits.

Contact us by Phone, Email or Social Media to find out all of our class locations! 

*A class site location map is coming soon to the site!