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What is Renew Active? Do I Qualify?

Staying fit is not only about your body, but it’s also about your mind. With Renew Active fitness program, you will work on improving both the fitness of the body and the mind. Renew Active is similar to silver sneakers, but they also incorporate brain health into their activities offered.

A wide variety of fitness centers, gyms, and community organizations like senior centers are now apart of the Renew Active program. Renew Active members get to experience 1-on-1 sessions with an experienced personal trainer to help set fitness related goals. What gets measured, gets accomplished. This means members will meet with the trainer on an annual basis to track their progress and review their goals.

Activities in Renew Active, may include strength training, Zumba, cardio exercises, stretching, Pilates, Tai Chi, as well as self defense training. Locations with pools may include water aerobics, swimming, and other water related activities.

In order to get started simply check with your healthcare provider such as United Healthcare or Medicare. There is no monthly premium to participate in the program, and many medicareadvantage plans that include Renew Active are available at $0 premium. The only thing required from you to get started in the program is to do a brain and health assessment in order to receive personalized activities based on their results. These activities may include puzzles, games, articles, and even recipes designed to boost brain health.

Renew Active is the gold standard in the medicare fitness programs for both body and mind. This program will help you to stay fit, stay focused, and stay connected, because we care about your social well-being.

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